Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Nagaland Voter list 2020 Download with photo

The Government of Nagaland has published the new Nagaland Voter list 2020 for download with photo in a pdf file.
Election commission of Nagaland has published the latest electoral roll for download with pdf by computer and Mobile.

The citizen can download for free with any device.

The Government of Nagaland has published the new Nagaland Voter list 2020 for download with photo in a pdf file.

Chief electoral officer of Nagaland has published the file on their official website.

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We are going to discuss on how you can download the latest voter list of Nagaland.

What is Voter List/ Electoral Roll?
Voter list is the List of Eligible persons; who eligible for a vote in an area. A Voter list is based on Universal Adult Franchise.

This Voter list never divides anybody by their Caste, Religion, Education, Economical status etc.

Basically; A voter list contains the Names of the Persons who are above 18 years and Registered in the Voter Service of India.

An Electoral Roll never Included the names of Child who are not eligible for vote or Age less than 18 years.

An Electoral Roll Denies to Includes the Names of Criminals, Or Persons whom UnSord Mind.

The Electoral Roll Includes the Details of the person, such as EPIC( Electors Photo Identity Card) Number, House Number, Names and Parents Name,

Gender, Address etc.

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Updation of Voter list is Very Important and Mandatory for Every Person Every Country.

There is an exact Time to Update of Electoral Roll. This is Important to for the Including the Names of the Persons who were not eligible for Vote last year,

But This year, they are eligible. Another Important Thing is Deleting or Correction of Names and Details.

If somebody applies for Correction or deletion in the Names or in other details of a person, It will be published in the Upadation of Electoral Roll.

How to Download Nagaland new Voter list 2020
There are two methods to download the Latest Electoral Roll 2020 for the citizen of Nagaland.

Once you can download from the official website or you can download from an android application.

How to Apply for New Enrollment in Electoral Roll?
you will get the electoral roll or voter list if you have registered in the electoral roll of India.

Then you can download or check your name in voter list or in any updated new voter list with details.

Now we will discuss on how you can apply for register a new voter or new voter registration नया मतदाता पंजीकरण process.

You can follow the method to register new name in voter list-

you have to go to the official website of Election commission of India’s biggest website, namely National voter service portal(NVSP).

Then you have to follow the steps given below where ever you are from-

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Click on “Login”
Click on “Don’t have account new Registration”

Enter your Mobile number
Enter the OTP ( one time Password)
Tick on I Don’t Have EPIC ( Elector Photo Identity Number)
Enter your First name
Type Your Last Name
Enter Email if you have
Choose and type your password
Confirm your password by retyping the same.
Click on Register

Now you have registered in National Voter Service Portal for the First time. Then you have to log in and apply for new enrollment. Follow the steps

Click Login Option
enter your mobile number and password ( Which you typed before)
Click on “Fresh Inclusion/ Enrollment
New Page will open
Assam Voter List 2020 download for free.
Select I reside in India
Select State
Enter your District
Type your house number and Village
select the date of you are ordinary in that place from ( you can choose your date of birth)
Upload Address proof Documents anyone from the given list in photo

Enter your parents EPIC number
enter your date of Birth and All details
Upload Your Age proof document
select your assembly
Enter your Details
Enter your parent’s details

Upload your photograph
Now Select Next
Enter your place, you are from then “next”
Click on Submit
You will get an Acknowledgement Number in your Mobile number then you have to go to track option in nvsp then enter your Acknowledgement number then you will get a form

Print out that form and submit the form to your local BLO officer for BLO Appointment. Your name will be included in updated voter list.

How to Download Nagaland New Voter list 2020?
There are two methods to download the Latest voter list of Nagaland with photo. you can download with a computer or by using your phone.

CEO Manipur voter list service is the biggest voter portal for Manipur State. You can download your electoral Roll from CEO Nagaland voter list portal.

Another is National Voter service portal, NVSP is the Biggest Voter service Portal in India.

So we will discuss on All of these two methods-

Download from CEO Nagaland voter portal
You can download the Roll in pdf from the above website with photo in the pdf file. you can follow the methods given below for you.

Go to CEO Nagaland Website- Click Here
Click on Download electoral roll pdf
The Government of Nagaland has published the new Nagaland Voter list 2020 for download with photo in a pdf file.
A new page will appear
Select Your District

Select your Assembly
Choose your Polling Station
Select Part Number

Click on Download Mother Roll
PDF File will be downloaded
How to Know Your Assembly and Part Number?
You can find out your assembly and Part Number from online using the details of or using the Electors Photo Identification number.

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